Nortrak is proudly North America's leading manufacturer and supplier of trackwork and materials.

We are the technology leader in the Trackwork Industry. Nortrak has the ability to offer technology that no one else in North America is able to offer.

We sell New Rail and Other Track Materials. "Nortrak" supplies New Rail and Relay in tee-rail, girder rail and crane rail sections ranging from 12lb thru to 175lb, as well as OTM, including all necessary accessories such as fasteners, joint bars, tie plates and ties.

Nortrak manufactures its switch control products under the name Racor.

We have a location near you. We manufacture trackwork at eight different plant locations giving Nortrak more capacity than any other supplier in North America. We have separate supply and distribution locations providing rail and OTM to the market.

We hold the No.1 market share of track products supply in North America. Nortrak has earned this position through a dedication to provide our customers with superior products, in field support, excellence in engineering and a commitment to service.

With 8 manufacturing facilities in North America and 28 plants located world-wide through the network of trackwork manufacturing companies in our Voest-Alpine Railway Systems group; we are prepared to meet your local and global trackwork needs.